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Hammerman Notes 12-3-11

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Posted 03 December 2011 - 08:10 PM

Henry: It is really forthcoming..you have heard it all..dates from last week..M arrival and release. That date line not moved at all. Troop movement has been discussed and we have it all and waiting on the bank. Iminent has becomed immenently….Bombing in Iraq..car bomb…attempted assignation on M…in news…On Monday but it really took place on Friday and the bombing was a ploy to give M to give leverage to keep more security forces in country.

Hammerman: Not a lot of breaking news…talked to federal people…may be some on the call…that ploy was a ploy..was set up to have an excuse to have more security in the country..US troops and other..there is possible rumors that M is already on US soil. Not hear on news..past all that.Iranaian issues maybe on US soil..to the point in the rv God’s honest truth..lies everywhere…can be news paper or articles…find hard to believe..but really need to be careful what you hear..honest way is to say it is over done and wait till you see the rate..may see tomorrow night..hearing mixed calls..May be CBI forex or banks..personal opinion is still saying banks only..my own opinion.Trying to give the best info. Not trying to sell anything…Spoken with footforward twice today and will be on the call..looking for rv sometime tomorrow night. Thinks most will not see it..maybe Tuesday or Wednesday..5ish on the range…

Papabear: Huge transfer of wealth throughout the world..we are just part of it..St. Germaine..Prosperity Programs and global settlements are all part of it..will liquify all the economies of the world...Hammerman never heard of any of these things..Part of the puzzle..Prosperity program has been out for quite some time..28-29 years..stiving for change..moving our currencies to solid ground...


Bob…got text…Hammerman is absolutely correct so far…

Footforrward: I can back Hammerman up on everything…been on 3sintel with the same info..no pumping..withint the last couple weeks source dropped into his lap..his info has been right one and baffled him…In terms of M..he got a call this morning saying he will be in US Sat or Sun and we would not hear in the news or articles..and he will be on his way back home…Iran is dead set on causing have in Iraq so they are trying to assinate M..so with that said….top source said on Wed there would be a blackout Thursday night to Friday..we would hear info out that…surprised we have not heard more info…Believes he is over here and meeting with people in US soil…will not be in our news or Iraqw…top source since Wed has been telling me pop Sunday night or early Monday morning..he has not waivered and has called to confirm further and has not deviated from the timeline at all..said it would go thru a couple of weeks ago but changes made tied to bail out situation..rate adjusted and now US will fund part of the bailout..what we care about is our date and rate..hearing similar rates…minimum at 4.50…budget is set at 3.51..bare essentials…and a big push to get quality of standards up in Iraq…and to get oil production and infrastructure up in Iraq. Agree with Hammerman that we will see at banks first..dinar community will hear but on the downlow…but will see on cbi..but not necessarily on web site..we will see auctions and may not update website and that would be the biggest clue we are due here..other things we are aware of but far too sensitive..hammerman and I agree…do not listen to any negative news you may hear tonight Mon Tues.will all be smoke and will be a lot more look at it and disregard it.

Hammerman…not a cbi issue….this was never meant for the common man…care less if we have it…and would hide it forever if they could..do not want us to cash in…not meant for common man only biug gov and big business..they are gonna try to hide even at the banks will try to hide..bank will not be as open and available that they say it is..in his opinion….

Footforward…concern we can not cash in…will not happen…US treasury and Iraq…..we will be able to cash in rather than them having to track us down in the middle of the night….

Hammerman….about giving solid info….looking out for your best interest..not just to make it sound good

Henrietta: Concur with everything but is hearing a higher rate…have heard 5 range to the 8 range…

Footforward has heard that as well…a lot of people can not believe that it wpuld come out stupid high to strtt with..Hammerman has great contacts and so has mine..way above the curve….the three of them should have the info within hours of it being released.

Hammerman: Pegged to the pound but still waiting..5ish to the pound
Henrietta…5 range to GBP..as late as yesterday as well as 8-9 dollar range in USD…

Footforward..torn heard both sides..GBP makes since because of changes coming in the us soon…
Henry: Pegged to GBP..they can fluctuate the dollar up and down as they need to..reason to do that…without worrying about repercussions…

Bob: second text…close friend…much closer than any of you even know…

Hammerman: this is the first day I have spoken with footforward..and our intel does not overlap..all independent stuff and lining up and it has to mean something..hats off to johnnywg he has done a wonderful job and could change at any minute but believe it is the end…one pice..no one has seen it signed yet….be prepared in case it does not happen by Monday morning..it can change in 30 seconds…so be prepared. A lot of issues that some into play…everyone has been let down so many times…Money in our pockets in the next few hours..possibility things can change

Bob: All the info..we do not have overlapping intel sources…this is incredible the way it is coming in…some things you will never find out about are incredible….it certainly looks like we are right there…
Footforward: One other note…agree with Hammerman that it can change at any minute..rumor..mot confirmed..we may be at the point of absolute not return..info has not changed since Wed..very unusual..great opportunity that we will be at the banks next week…if something comes up we will tell you..do not forsee it coming..something can happen..but does not look like it
Hammerman….knows how crooked the world can be and anything can change…O still wants the 1.5 % tax…does not see it as a issue..but predicting ahead…it may happen next week..

Bob: O wanting the tax..he in no way can write the executive order for tax..has to go thru the house and senate..so he cannot on his own personally do this..
Footforward: Be a lot of people mad it he gets that tax
Hammerman we are only human

Q and A:
Managed float..will we have time to cash in? H opinion..it will come in at a rate 4-5 days will start tp go up..will fall just as fast and settle in 4.50 range…F: tend to agree with Hammerman, normal rules will not apply…do not have to do a managed float in the guidelines…Iraq will determine what the rate will do..does not think rates will fall drastically. If stupid high cash out…if lower it will not fall and drop to .86..typical rules willnot apply at all Henrieta..will com out high for about 30 days and may drop the rate..cash out quickly..to pull in as many dinar as they can..when it may go to a float after that..Bob: originally thought a managed float..if high rate could possibly stay there for 30 days to get all iqd in and then they can determine where to go from there.supply and demand..factor of the market..it will drive the price..market may drive it up..Hammerman thinks rate will never go below 3.50..all agree..
Does anyone know who will pull the trigger? F: not as simple as a trigger…several people enacts several things along the way…dealing with far bigger picture than just pulling the trigger. Hammerman got a call about 7:15..can tell us positively now why UST was called in because they had to put in codes simultaneously or it will not happen….all three entities to have the rv occur…
Bonshoom: Ex order 133303…let all of us buy the IQD..why would it be something they did not expect? Hammerman..does not mean it was intended for us…slipped thru the cracks..did not write like they expected..not for everyday common working man…Footforward..when wrote..was meant for the elite for rich to get in and get richer to eliminate the middle class..some let us know and let us in on it..never intended for the common person to find out about it..was to keep quiet about it.. Henry: He is exactly on the money signed by Bush so our treasury could hold the notes…must be legalized..only way for big business to have it..not intened for Joe public to have any dinar…caller..thanks Pred. Bush
Cash out potentially next week? Hammerman..elite may cash out Mond Tues..biggest part Tues Wed…not simple in most places…Tues afternoon or Wed for average American….Footforward..banks need n=more staff and security..most banks wil need 24 to 72 hours and banks want to be ready..majority wil not be able to cash out same day..avoid the mad rush the first couple of days..should cash out next week…Hammerman…hinting they were staffing up again like 2 weeks ago…Bob: tell you his teller will let him go in Momday and cash out a few notes..and will do cc on different programs that will be beneficial to all..guarantee he will cash out Mon if shows on screens..hammerman not that confident..thinks he will not be able to cash in the first 24 hours…
Hammerman just has dyslexia problem but very intelligent man…wants to know what Henry has to say on call he got..Henry: cannot at this moment…around the dinar world..you have some amazing intel providers…some things should not be said…on lines or calls…shakes his head…when it is said…getting by design misinformation from both sides of the pond…surprised johnnywg has not been taken away in chains..it was great unbelievable info first hand info

Hammerman had the black truck at his house..friendly..but it happened..he got off by not promoting or selling dinar or would be in hand cuffs

Banks rates may not be cbi..if the case..what happenes to all the dealers…Footforward…general public will not be able to see cbi but banks will see it..or they could not cash out..hammerman believes it will be hidden from the dealers from 4-14 days..because they do not want the dealers cashing in…it will not go thru the treasury..can be totally wrong..not about the dealers..it is about fixing gov and fixing banks..imo…BOB: not certain that is legal but remains to be seen.
Dealers getting notification thru US treas…hammerman..they will get notification..and you will be not be able to double dipping….you will sign paperwork that you cannot buy anymore at old rate…rumor…Henry: UST will notify the dealers of the rate…

My friend thinks investing is crazy: Footforward..thank your friend and move on….
Hammerman only 8 banks in the USA will see it first and then it will trickle down from there BOA, Chase, WF, Citi. And 4 others…corporate buildings, private banking , no tellers, private offices…
If posted I believe to be fact or will not post it

Footforward:Iraq has the right to hold the news for three business days from the public..so do not worry..just wait till next week


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