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Want to start saving Silver and Gold? Great Choice.

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Posted 26 July 2015 - 07:57 PM

Information on Silver or Gold Investments:

The silver and gold investment market offers a variety of silver and gold bullion products. This overview provides brief
discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of buying the most popular silver / gold bullion and silver / gold
coin investments. This post in no way is telling you that you should invest in any certain thing but should be used more as a research tool to decide if investing is right for you. Here is a good video that helped me decide to invest in Gold and Silver.
I found that when I started buying silver and gold that it is a real good time to do so since the "Spot" prices were at an all time low right now. I watch the live rates closely using free online tools such as www.fiztrade.com and most of your bullion or mint sites that you can order from will also have live rates available for you. But for me it is more than making a buck when the prices go up, I am hoarding them for a different reason. I foresee our currency (USD) going down the toilet in the near future and I for one am not going to be left to fend for myself when that happens. I want to still be able to buy food, water, gas etc.... With Silver and Gold such as the 1 oz Silver Eagles or the 1/10th silver or gold fractional rounds you will be able to ontinue your way of life because lets face it, Gold and Silver will always have value.


For me, I am in the lower income bracket so I mainly buy the small fractional gold and silver and the Silver Eagles from the sites below.

Coming Soon! https://www.dinarinc.com/




The main thing you need to watch for in my opinion is that it is .999% pure and is not being sold for "Collector" value. You will notice that all places sell for a certain amount over spot value and that is how they make their money so try to shop around. Also You don't need to buy NGC graded coins. You are simply looking for the 1 oz of silver and the value of the silver only not the packaging or the graded condition of the coin itself.


Well, start the debate below and if you have anything to add please add it below as well. Good luck on your investments folks and don't forget to donate to help keep the site running.




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