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Chat Rules


Herein lie the rules for the MIG Forums and Chat. Please visit our support FAQ page if you are experiencing any technical problems, problems with a Donation, problems with your account, or if you are thinking of contacting us for any other reason at all. Most questions can be answered there if you just READ IT. And now, on to the rules!

Make sure you are familiar with the rules. Memorize them. Read them daily if you have to. They are guidelines you must follow in order to keep your account privileges. If you break a rule, you will likely be punished. Punishment can be a temporary or permanent loss of privileges. Most users have been around for many years and not had any problems. This is because they know the rules!

Please consider donating to help support MIG. We are a free forum but always need the help with site costs. To donate please Click Here!
If you agree to the rules then Join the following chatroom.
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